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Zhao Xiaojun, Secretary of Siping Municipal Party Committee, went to GINYO Steel Strand


Golden Bean NetNews (Zhang Zhiguo) On December 17, 2017, Zhao Xiaojun, Secretary of the Siping Municipal Party Committee, went to Siping GINYO Steel Strand Co., Ltd. to conduct an investigation, and went deep into the production workshop to see the production recovery situation of the enterprise.
Siping GINYO Steel Strand Co., Ltd. was registered in November 2017 by Golden Bean Holding Group Jilin GINYO Transport Facilities Co., Ltd. The former Siping Steel Products Co., Ltd. of Tonggang Group was suspended in May 2013 and formally bankrupted in August 2016. After Golden Bean accepted the enterprise, it received strong support from Siping Municipal Committee and Municipal Government. Party and government leaders went to the enterprise for on-site office many times to solve specific problems. Employees of enterprises carry forward the indomitable spirit of Chinese industrial workers, seize time, fight bitterly cold and overcome difficulties. In a short period of one month, the enterprises resumed trial production.

 In the investigation, Secretary Zhao Xiaojun had a detailed understanding of the relevant situation of the enterprise, fully affirmed that Jinyue Steel Strand Co., Ltd. had completed its establishment and resumed trial production in a short time. In the aspects of electricity, water and gas consumption, the relevant departments were required to solve the relevant problems quickly and implement the relevant state policies of energy saving and emission reduction. Policies and requirements to ensure that enterprises resume production smoothly.Mr. Jin Mingnan, chairman of Golden Bean, received and accompanied Secretary Zhao Xiaojun's investigation. He said that he must carry out the directives of the Siping Municipal Committee and the municipal government, make every effort to solve some problems existing in the Siping Jinyue Steel Wire Co., Ltd. and continue to do a good job in company formation, equipment overhaul and improvement. In 2018, he should follow up. Continue to increase investment in enterprises, increase employment, solve the employment problem of idle personnel, and realize the normal operation of enterprises as soon as possible.


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